My Ex Wife Is Getting Remarried, Does She Still Get Half My Pension?

We don’t know, what does the divorce decree say? Generally speaking, alimony goes away if she re-marries. Your pension is not alimony though, that sounds like part of the settlement, in which case it would be unaffected by her re-marriage. Just as if you owed her half the house and she re-married, you would still owe her half the house.
Get a copy of the divorce decree, it will tell you what you do or do not owe her.

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4 Responses to “My Ex Wife Is Getting Remarried, Does She Still Get Half My Pension?”

  1. Common sense isn't anymore.. says:

    Only your attorney can answer that one as it is based on your individual circumstances.

  2. acmerave says:

    no she don’t when she gets married it gets cut off from her

  3. lisafloy says:

    I think once you remarry you don’t get any money from the ex spouse.

  4. Alice Williams says:

    You need a lawyer to verify it, but I think once she gets remarried, you’re done supporting her for good!
    Kids on the other hand, may be a different story.

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